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June 2015

Thank you to everyone at

Linthaugh Gardens Sheltered Housing in Stonehouse.


North Lanarkshire Council (Wednesday) Day Centre at Chryston Church Hall for joining me with 'Yesterday Once More' in aid of the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland.

* * * * * * * * * *

Check back here soon for more audience pics from Stonehouse and Chryston.

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June 2015

Alzheimer Scotland - 'Tea in the Park'.

Dementia Awareness Week - Scotland

1st - 7th June 2015

One year on from the first meeting in 2014, Alzheimer Scotland's 'Tea in the Park' returned to the 4 star Alona Hotel in Strathclyde Park.

Again, invited guests, and their carers, heard about the extensive range of services available from Alzheimer Scotland in their local area. 

Following a welcome message and introduction by Arlene Crockett, Deputy Regional Manager for Alzheimer Scotland (Glasgow, East Dunbartonshire and Lanarkshire), delegates were introduced to members of the team, including valued volunteers, and given an insight into each individual's particular role.

Tables are set in the bright function suite as staff make final checks before the arrival of around one hundred guests expected to attend the second annual 'Tea in the Park'

With much of the 'business' over and afternoon tea brewing, visitors joined me again this year on my journey into the past. It was great to look around to see so many smiling faces as we set off together on my familiar journey into the past.

And there was instant recognition too when those 'memory jogging' images and video clips from up to sixty years ago popped up during 'Yesterday Once More'.    

Earlier, guests were also encouraged to ask questions, and take time, during the break, to meet exhibitors and learn more about other Alzheimer and Dementia related aid services which are available. 

Fortunately, warm and comfortable within the Alona Hotel function suite, most of us managed to avoid the storm which was raging outside.

It was the first week of June, for goodness sake, and I'm quite certain that, if I recall correctly, last year's weather was exactly the same with the wind speed in double figures and the outside temperature in single figures!

Perhaps I'll see you there again in June 2016?

Just don't forget your brolly!

* * * * * * * * * *

May 2015

Condorrat, near Cumbernauld,

North Lanarkshire.

 Pollock Hall Men's Club in Maree Drive,Condorrat. 

And it certainly wasn't all about 'boys toys'. Although this memory is perhaps more 70's than the 50's and 60's. Do you remember checking here for holiday bargains?

Thanks guys for joining in with your own personal memories as we looked back to our childhood days and teenage years during the 50's and 60's. 

And thanks also to Club Treasurer, Douglas Barbour for that kind donation from members, which I'll be delighted to pass on to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland to help further the vital work of both those charities.

* * * * * * * * * * *

May 2015

North Ayrshire Council Older People's Event in Ardeer Neighbourhood Centre.

In the knowledge that almost all the equipment I would need was already in place under the charge of 'David' from Cameron Presentations, it was a refreshing change to be able to 'travel light' as I set off early in the direction of the three towns, to join the team from North Ayrshire Council at Ardeer Neighbourhood Centre for their annual Older People's Event.

Around one hundred guests clearly enjoyed this very full and varied social event as they met up with friends to enjoy 'elevenses', and later lunch, while they learned more about the numerous specialist services available to older people in North Ayrshire (see below).

Shortly after mid-day, and before the break for lunch,the lights dimmed and I was given the opportunity to lead delegates down memory lane.

Being 'accosted' after my shows is becoming a regular occurrence but I'm not complaining. It's a sure sign that the photos, videos and personal memories during 'Yesterday Once More' really do strike a chord with those of us of a certain age and its always rewarding to see people's faces light up when I feature some of the super stars of yesteryear who have long since become just a very distant memory.

Thanks to everyone at North Ayrshire Council, and of course their guests on the day for the opportunity to bring 'Yesterday Once More' to North Ayrshire. 

And thanks also to sound and video man, David, for twiddling the knobs for me.

I'm glad this time it wasn't my job this time to de-rig the myriad of equipment & wiring and load the van!

* * * * * * * * * *

May 2015

N.L.C. Moray Quadrant Sheltered Housing,

Bellshill, North Lanarkshire.

Plenty of sunshine through the trees in between heavy showers didn't deter enthusiastic local residents from joining me for 'Yesterday Once More'.

Clearly, quite at home with friends and neighbours in the communal lounge, residents joined me as we settled down together for a great afternoon of memories - looking back to how we used to live back in the 50's and 60'.

Blackpool was, of course, a favourite holiday destination before holidays abroad 'on the Costa' became popular and it was good to recall summer holiday trips to that favourite boarding house.

And we never missed the opportunity to visit the iconic Blackpool Tower Ballroom

where Reginald Dixon M.B.E. played our favourites on the mighty Wurlitzer organ for an amazing 40 years.

"Pure dead brilliant"was Jean Marshall's comment to me after the show - and, before you ask, we're not related, honest!!

Thanks to the cheery and helpful staff and, of course, the residents for a marvellous afternoon at Moray Quadrant.

* * * * * * * * * *

May 2015

Hanover Sheltered Housing at St Mary's Gardens, Barrhead. East Renfrewshire.

Almost fifty residents and friends had been looking forward for some time to another special lunch event at St Mary's Gardens.

Organiser, (shown here), Louise Muir's plans came together nicely as local volunteers assisted Louise by looking after individual tables to ensure that each and every guest enjoyed a really exciting afternoon with the chance of winning a prize from the raffle table of 'goodies' pictured below.

I'm no stranger to St Mary's Gardens where Louise and her friends have been valued supporters of 'Yesterday Once More' almost since we started raising funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland. Their generous donation today of £212 will be passed to our chosen charities to allow them to continue their valuable work.

Thank you to everyone at Hanover Barrhead for my invitation to return with 'Yesterday Once More'. It was rewarding to see, and hear, your reaction yesterday, and thank you also to Louise for the 'glowing testimonial' email (shown on our home page),which popped into my inbox this morning.

'till the next time.....


Dave Marshall

* * * * * * * * * *

April 2015

Glasgow City Council

Corkerhill Day Centre.

And two shows here in one week!

An enthusiastic response during my visits in February resulted in a follow up invitation from Centre Manager, Mandy, to bring 'Yesterday Once More' to the Monday and Tuesday guests at the centre this week.

Lucky Corkerhill Team Member, Elaine, picked up my raffle prize -and why not!

Following a welcoming hot lunch, on a cool spring day, we set off together on our unique journey into the past. 

So many of us have lived long and eventful lives but as 'seniors', we are never really given the opportunity to talk, 'one to one' about our own recollections from the past. 

As personal assistant to popular Scottish singing star, Peter Morrison 'Nan' (right), became friends with many of Scotland's most popular entertainers. 

And 'Delia' (left), revealed that her husband chauffeured international superstar Perry Como to his memorable concert at Glasgow's Kelvin Hall in the seventies. Delia didn't say, however, if her hubby shared Perry's generous £25 tip with his wife!

Thanks to everyone at Corkerhill for your own special memories - as always, a great audience and two brilliant afternoons with real Glasgow folk.

* * * * * * * * * *

April 2015

Cambuslang Bowling Club


Confident his colleagues at the Club would enjoy my trip down memory lane, Secretary, David Bartlett kindly invited me to meet his friends for a special Friday evening at Cambuslang Bowling Club just a few days after the green opened for the new season. 

Within minutes of our 8pm start it became clear we were all set for a great night.

And sixty years later, the 'children' who attended the ABC Minors Saturday morning picture show joined in, word perfect, with the famous song we used to sing together before the cartoons and cowboy films appeared on the screen at the local picture house. 

We also remembered King of the Wild Frontier - Davy Crockett. Fess Parker, of course, was the star of that mid 50's Disney film theme and, not surprisingly, everyone in the hall recalled where Davy Crockett was born!

Following a lively raffle after the show, I was surprised and delighted to accept a generous donation of £200 from members who attended on the night. Thank you for sharing your memories with me, also your gift which will be added to the £11,500 we have already raised and passed to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland.

I do hope your new season at Cambuslang goes well.

* * * * * * * * * *

April - Easter 2015

Hanover Court Sheltered Housing

in Johnstone.

House manager, Brenda, never misses an opportunity to celebrate special days with her residents at Hanover Court. 

I recall my previous visit back in 2013 on the second last day of the year when we were all recovering from a hectic Christmas and preparing to welcome 2014. It was great to return to meet the good folks of Johnstone around sixteen months later. This time, their comfortable residents' lounge was decorated with Easter decorations and plenty of chocolate eggs. 

Once again, the memories came flooding back as we laughed together,

remembering many of the people, places and events that shaped our lives around fifty years ago.

Thank you to everyone at Hanover Court for your kind donation which will be passed directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland.

* * * * * * * * * *

April 2015

Trust Sheltered Housing

Crusader Court


"I hope you're going to include Elvis in your show," was the cry that greeted me from a committed fan of the 'King' as I set up 'Yesterday Once More' for the residents at Crusader Court.

Fortunately, Elvis and my guest's other favourite, the legendary Doris Day, were both remembered as we turned back the clock to recall the events, music and superstars of a generation long since passed. 

With a story centered around the problems of using a 'party line', Doris Day and Rock Hudson's romance famously faltered in the early sixties movie 'Pillow Talk' .

Perhaps nowadays it would

be billed as a 'rom-com' ?

A firm invitation from Housing Care Manager, Phemie, to return to Crusader Court later in the year was surely a sign that everyone really enjoyed our brilliant afternoon of memories. 

Thank you all - I look forward to joining you again on (lucky) Friday the 13th of November.

* * * * * * * * * *

March 2015

The New Kilbryde Hospice

Hairmyres, East Kilbride.

Prominently situated just behind

Hairmyres Hospital, the beautiful new Kilbryde Hospice is set to fully open to accept day patients and residents later this year. 

Meantime, work is ongoing to put the final touches to the building.

Thanks to Linda Craig and her dedicated team (including many volunteers),for the invitation to present 'Yesterday Once More' in the welcoming bright foyer of the stunning new building where we gathered with friends of the hospice, to remember how we used to live back in the 50's, 60's and 70's. 

Ignoring the rain, sleet and snow outside the window on the last day of March, we all became quickly immersed in recalling our own special memories of an era gone. We recalled going on holiday with the family luggage trunk, visiting the Saturday morning picture show, playing our favourites on the local cafe juke box and having to dial a number to make a phone call.

Good luck to the hardworking team at Kilbryde with their own fundraising projects and look out for more news soon about the official opening of Scotland's newest 'state of the art' hospice. 

* * * * * * * * * *

March 2015

Jewish Care

May Terrace, Giffnock


With a morning set up to ensure that all my equipment was 'ready to go', my new audience were seated and ready and waiting when I returned early in the afternoon for our journey together on the big screen, back to the 50's and 60's.

Again, photos of legendary Western heroes, the Lone Ranger and Roy Rogers prompted memories of cowboy, Roy, during his visit to Glasgow in 1954 when he was famously pictured with his four legged friend (Trigger, of course), at the Central Hotel in the city. 

Many a young boy, and girl, turned out on that wet Sunday to welcome their favourite hero and get an autograph.

So much of our lives as wee boys in the 50's was spent playing Cowboys and Indians in the 'woods',and reading Kit Carson stories in his adventure comics.

Over the months I've always enjoyed great support from Jewish Care and I thank everyone at May Terrace for their support and donations to help our chosen charities - Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland.

* * * * * * * * * *

March 2015

North Lanarkshire Council

Central Park Sheltered Housing

New Stevenston.

"It was great to hear all the old songs again"

"That was a great afternoon, it brought back so many memories".

Just a couple of the kind comments passed to me as I packed up my equipment after another 'Yesterday Once More' presentation for North Lanarkshire Council.

This time, it was at the invitation of Val McGowan. Following a recommendation, Val booked me to meet the residents of Central Park Sheltered Housing in Carfin Street just on the edge of New Stevenston.

Again my trusty GPS guided me straight to the door although, with a booking in my diary for Stevenston in Ayrshire in May, I was extra careful to make sure I didn't head down the M77 two months early!

Suitably refreshed after lunch and a couple of friendly games of Bingo, my friends at Central Park quickly joined in, word perfect, during performances by Jim Reeves, Bobby Darin, Patsy Cline and the 'Girl with the laugh in her voice',fifties and sixties singing star, Alma Cogan as we remembered how life used to be, for all of us, sixty years ago.

Clearly convinced that her residents in Bellshill would also enjoy 'Yesterday Once More', Val asked me to set aside a date soon to visit the neighbouring town.

Thanks to everyone at Central Park for a great afternoon. Fortunately, the heavy rain during my arrival had given way to a sunny late afternoon as I packed the car to head home.

I look forward to reviving a few special memories with Val and her seniors in Bellshill. I'll be with you on Monday 11th of May.

* * * * * * * * * *

March 2015

North Lanarkshire Council

Westfield Community Centre


North Lanarkshire Council Community Centre at Westfield, is a popular venue for local 'seniors' who clearly really enjoy lunch and the chance to get together with friends and neighbours in a friendly warm environment. 

Just three seats to fill at Westfield Community Centre for our 'Yesterday Once More' presentation.

Back again, following my first visit in October 2014, I set off on our journey back through the years to recall some of the events, music, movies and memories that still linger in our minds, fifty, or perhaps even sixty, years later. 

Soon, I'll be taking 'Yesterday Once More' to Gartcosh Community Centre in an area that has changed beyond recognition since the closure of the giant steel mill with the loss of hundreds of jobs in 1986. A new railway station, a housing estate, and an attractive business park now stand on the site of one of Scotland's most famous industrial landmarks.

* * * * * * * * * *

February 2015

The Impact Arts Craft Cafe

Elderpark Street

Govan, Glasgow.

 It's always reassuring to be invited back to a venue to present 'Yesterday Once More'. And, one year later, I returned, with plenty of new features, to entertain the 'seniors' at the drop-in Craft Cafe in Govan. 

Regulars, together with day visitor guests from Johnstone, (pictured here), wasted no time in getting involved. 


Anne Marie and her enthusiastic team provided the half-time 'goodies' before we settled down again after the break to remember school days. 

Were they really the happiest days of your life?

Perhaps the jury is still out on that one! 

Thank you to everyone at

the Craft Cafe for another great afternoon of memories and your valued donation to help our chosen charities. School's out until I return. Maybe we can do it all again next year?

* * * * * * * * * *

February 2015

Mearnskirk Friendship Club

Newton Mearns, Glasgow

With a diary booking taken last year, I was looking forward to revisiting my old stamping ground at Mearnskirk on the Southside (of Glasgow).

Back in the eighties, as a resident within sight of this old church, I often walked our Sheltie, (Kim) passed the old churchyard at Mearnskirk. Often as not, I drew the short straw when the rain was battering off the pavement and the wind was blowing a 'hooley'. Thankfully, Kim didn't like the rain and the cold any more than I did and on wet winter nights, she was happy to 'perform' a very short distance from home and we could both get back indoors again in jig time!

Wind forward thirty years and I was back at the local Church Hall with around sixty of the ladies (and a few gents), of the Mearnskirk Friendship Club and their guests. With tea and home baking ready to be served around 2.45, we set off together early in the afternoon, to recall those memorable events from our childhood.

(Scroll Down for the Answer)

And remember visiting the dentist to get a tooth out when we had that dreadful 'smelly' gas mask placed over the mouth and that count to ten usually only reached four? I dread to think how many other patients had that rubber mask clamped to their faces during that week! 

Thank you folks for your numerous kind comments after the show. It was really rewarding to learn that I had stirred more than a few, almost forgotten, memories during our afternoon together.

Was This Your Answer?

* * * * * * * * * *

February 2015

BUPA Norwood Care Home, Barrhead

East Renfrewshire.

It was good to see some familiar faces when I returned to visit Norwood Care Home with 'Yesterday Once More'. 

This time we joined in with songs from Dean Martin and Bobby Darin during another very full afternoon of 50's and 60's memories.

Thanks to Activities Organiser, Lindsay, for lining up a great afternoon again at B.U.PA.'s Norwood Care Home in Barrhead.

* * * * * * * * * *

February 2015

Barncluith Sheltered Housing

at Baron Court, Hamilton.

On thinking it through, I'm not quite sure what to make of the welcome I received from one of the residents at Barncluith –

 "I used to listen to you on the radio and now that I've met you, I won't sleep tonight",

was the encouraging, (I think), welcome I got from Ms X at Barncluith! Fortunately, the same lady was in charge of the home baked empire biscuits and shortbread distribution and I didn't go hungry!

Residents clearly really look forward to their regular opportunity to get together in the lounge at Barncluith. 

Organiser Anne Campbell (pictured here),told me she was present at a conference I attended, a few months ago, with our unique reminiscence session and she was certain that her friends in the adjoining cottages would enjoy this opportunity to look back to remember their childhood and teenage years. 

And they did, as we exchanged memories of school days and the 'qually' exam, covering our jotters with brown paper and, that one third of a pint bottle of full cream milk to help us grow!

We remembered the hits of 60's heartthrob Engelbert Humperdinck and the Bachelors, and driving around in cars without seat belts or headrests or 'scooting' around on a 'cool' Lambretta or Vespa, never thinking that it might be a good idea to put on a crash helmet. 

Thank you to Anne and the cheery gang at Barncluith for sharing my afternoon of memories - and thank you also for your kind donation which will be included in my next cheques within the coming weeks to help 

The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland.

* * * * * * * * * *

February 2015

Jewish Care, Scotland

May Terrace, Giffnock, Glasgow.

I was delighted to accept an invitation to return to May Terrace with my big screen to remember 'Yesterday Once More' and recall some great memories of our days at play, at school and at work during the 50's 60's and 70's. A warm welcome, and a little refreshment, awaited me at May Terrace as I set up again to take another trip down memory lane.

Thank you again folks for your kind further donation to help our chosen charities.

* * * * * * * * * *

February 2015

Corkerhill Day Centre

(Glasgow City Council)

I'm becoming a bit of a regular at Corkerhill Day Centre where local day visitors Monday - Friday clearly enjoy a hearty lunch, the chance to catch up with old friends and regular entertainment and activity sessions.

 It was good to be back with 'Yesterday Once More' to meet the Monday and Tuesday guests and hear my audience exchanging their own memories, prompted by the photos and videos on the big screen.

A special birthday board reminds us about members who are celebrating each month and often an impressive birthday cake is unveiled although, I'm guessing that help is always on hand now and again to blow out all the candles! 

Activities are arranged by attentive Day Care Manager Mandy, pictured here (left),with members of her friendly team, clearly not shy about joining in! 

They really do create a welcoming atmosphere for local 'seniors' who clearly look forward to their weekly mini bus ride to Corkerhill D.C.

I'll see you again soon folks, later in the year.

* * * * * * * * *

January 2015

McCarthy & Stone Retirement Apartments

Hilltree Court

Giffnock, Glasgow.

Thank you to all my friends at Hilltree Court for inviting me back, a year after my first visit, to share more of your memories with me again. 

The men enjoy a chat before our 'Yesterday Once More' show reminiscence show in the cosy lounge at Hilltree Court.

Preparations are underway with tea, coffee and a 'tasty bite' ready for the interval during our presentation in the comfortable bright lounge at McCarthy & Stone, Giffnock.

A peek into the welcoming dining room, set for lunch, at Hilltree Court Retirement Apartments.

Thank you for your second kind donation to help our chosen charities.

I look forward to perhaps returning for a third visit with more great memories on the big screen from the 50's, 60's and 70's in January 2016?

* * * * * * * * * * *  

January 2015

U.C.M. fundraising evening

at St Columba's Church Hall, Viewpark

Uddingston, Glasgow.

Well done, the Brownies (and their leaders) at St Columba's who tidied up really quickly after their Wednesday evening meeting to allow me to set up for a 7pm start to our 'Yesterday Once More' presentation in the church hall. 

Organiser, Mary Tochel ensured that our special evening of memories was open to all denominations and around 40 local folk from Viewpark braved another cold night for a bit of fun, and some tasty home baking, as we turned the clock back to the 50's, 60's and 70's.

During my own 'tidy up time' after shows, I usually enjoy chatting to guests anxious to tell me about their own special memories of life at home, school, work and play. Memories often jogged by my images on the big screen. I was therefore somewhat taken aback when 'Anne' (pictured here), approached me to tell me she had a strong complaint!

"You didn't mention Cliff Richard" said Anne, in a lighthearted way, as she went on to tell me some great stories about following Cliff and his music, since the 'Move it' and 'Living Doll' days back in the late fifties. Clearly Anne is still a devoted fan of the star, so often referred to as 'The Peter Pan of Pop' and she never misses the opportunity to see Cliff, usually in the company of her 'long suffering', daughter when the main man is on stage here in the West of Scotland.

Happening to mention my 'encounter' with Anne to Mrs M when I arrived home, I was reminded that, aged sixteen, we had queued together for hours at the local cinema to see 'Summer Holiday' and a certain teenage girl's bedroom wall at home was covered in posters of Cliff.

Lesson learned - my future 'Yesterday Once More' 50's and 60's presentations with definitely include memories of Cliff and his music.

Thanks to Mary and her volunteer helpers for sharing their great memories from 50 plus years ago and thanks also for your generous donation to help our chosen charities.

* * * * * * * * * *

January 2015

Weavers Court Retirement Apartments

(McCarthy & Stone)


Thanks to the ladies and gentlemen at Weavers Court for a warm welcome and hot cup of tea (and cake) on a snowy cold winter's day in Hamilton, South Lanarkshire.

Clearly word travels quickly within the retirement community, and following an enthusiastic reception at 'Kittoch Court' in East KIlbride and the stunning new 'Hilltree Court' in Giffnock, Secretary of the Residents' Association, Joyce Gillies wasted no time in booking 'Yesterday Once More' to entertain her friends in the cosy residents lounge at 'Weavers Court' in Hamilton. 

Again, my sprightly audience of 'seniors' quickly identified my photos of their idols of yesteryear as we shared musical memories with Dean Martin, Perry Como, Bobby Darin, and more on the big screen. I must confess to being just a little jealous of Bobby around fifty years ago when he walked down the aisle with the lovely eighteen year old Sandra Dee. 

Following a visit to 'the pictures' as a young teenager in 1959 to see 'Summer Holiday', I was certain that one day, I would marry Sandra Dee.

Although Troy Donahue (Johnny in the movie), famously courted Sandra (Molly), she became Mrs Bobby Darin in 1960.

In the film, of course, Sandra and Johnny lived happily ever after on Pine Island.

In real life, Sandra and Bobby divorced in 1967 and Bobby Darin passed away at the age of just 37 in 1973. Sandra never remarried and died in Los Angeles from complications due to kidney disease 15 years ago on 20th February 2005.

Teen heartthrob, Troy Donahue passed away aged 65 in Santa Monica, California following a heart attack in 2001. 

Sincere thanks to the Residents' Association for that generous donation on the day and a special thank you to the anonymous lady who pressed a tenner into my hand just after the show. It was nice to hear how much she had really enjoyed our trip back in time. Be assured your cash will also go directly to help our chosen charities.

I'm off now to look out my copy of of Percy Faith's 'Theme from A Summer Place'. The hit recording in Britain and the USA, made in Columbia Records studio in New York, won a Grammy 'Record of the Year' Award in 1961.

* * * * * * * * * *

18th December 2014

at the U3A Meeting at

St John's Centre in Hamilton.

During my visit to the Hamilton Branch, donations, and a table sale of seasonal goodies, raised the incredible sum of £322. And I was surprised and delighted, following my 'Yesterday Once More' show, when local group organiser, Lorna Angus, announced that I was to receive their cheque for this full amount.

With the end of 2014 just days away, I'm proud to reveal that this most recent donation takes our total cash raised to £10,000, now shared between The Cystic Fibrosis Trust and

Alzheimer Scotland.

Tea cups soon to be filled, while around 80 members relax with me on another 'Yesterday Once More' trip back in time.

Christmas - a time perhaps to remember watching our favourite pop stars in glorious black and white on a 12" television screen, when our TV licence only cost a fiver!

More about the Hamilton and District Branch of


'The University of the Third Age (U3A) movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides, through its U3As, life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities. Retired and semi-retired people come together and learn together, not for qualifications but for its own reward: the sheer joy of discovery!

The U3A movement is supported by its national organisation, the Third Age Trust.'

Find out more at www.u3a.org.uk

* * * * * * * * * *

December 2014

Dedridge Good Neighbour Network


West Lothian.

A piping hot plate of home made leek and potato soup, with a buttered roll, was more than welcome following my drive through winter conditions along the M8 from Glasgow to take 'Yesterday Once More' to the ladies and gents of Dedridge at their local Community Centre. 

I had heard that, Organiser Wilma Whitelaw (second from the left) had just been named 'Volunteer Manager of the Year in Scotland' and clearly, Wilma and her team had worked really hard to ensure that their visitors today would be left in no doubt that Christmas Eve was just a couple of weeks away. 

On one of the coldest days of the year so far, we looked back together to recall some of the memorable news headlines from our childhood years. 

And those freezing winter mornings when we got dressed under the blankets and lit the old paraffin heater - remembering, of course to ensure that the flame was blue and not a flickering yellow! 

It was fun looking back to bitterly cold winter mornings and how we had to scrape the ice from the INSIDE of the bedroom window to see what the weather was like outside before getting dressed for school - although perhaps not so much fun at the time!

Thanks, Wilma, for your kind donation which will be passed to Alzheimer Scotland and the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. Merry Christmas to you and yours and of course, congratulations on becoming Scotland's 'Volunteer Manager of the Year' 2014. 

* * * * * * * * * *

November 2014

Glasgow City Council

Corkerhill Day Centre for Older People.